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See detailStudies in Philosophy and Education Volume 28
Biesta, Gert UL

in Studies in Philosophy & Education (2009), 28

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See detailEducation, democracy and the moral life.
Katz, M.; Verducci, S.; Biesta, Gert UL

Book published by Springer Science + Business Media (2009)

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See detailTowards a new ‘logic’ of emancipation: Foucault and Rancière.
Biesta, Gert UL

in Philosophy of Education Yearbook (2009)

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See detailUnderstanding young people’s citizenship learning in everyday life: The role of contexts, relationships and dispositions.
Biesta, Gert UL; Lawy, R.; Kelly, N.

in Education, Citizenship and Social Justice [=ECSJ] (2009), 4(1), 5-24

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See detailDerrida, Deconstruction and the politics of pedagogy.
Peters, M.; Biesta, Gert UL

Book published by Peter Lang (2009)

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See detailHow to use pragmatism pragmatically: Suggestions for the 21st century
Biesta, Gert UL

in Rud, A. G.; Garrison, J.; Stone, L. (Eds.) John Dewey at 150. Reflections for a New Century. (2009)

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See detailValues and ideals in teachers’ professional judgement
Biesta, Gert UL

in Gewirtz, S.; Mahony, P.; Hextall, I. (Eds.) et al Changing teacher professionalism. (2009)

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See detailWhat is at stake in a pedagogy of interruption?
Biesta, Gert UL

in Lewis, T. E.; Grinberg, J. G. A.; Laverty, M. (Eds.) Philosophy of Education: Modern and Contemporary Ideas at Play. (2009)

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See detailWhat does it take to learn from one’s life? Exploring opportunities for biographical learning in the lifecourse.
Tedder, M.; Biesta, Gert UL

in Merrill, B. (Ed.) Learning to Change? The Role of Identity and Learning Careers in Adult Education. (2009)

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See detailSporadic democracy: Education and the question of inclusion.
Biesta, Gert UL

in Katz, M.; Verducci, S.; Biesta, Gert (Eds.) Education,democracy and the moral life (2009)

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See detailTheorising learning through complexity: An educational critique.
Biesta, Gert UL

in Complicity: An International Journal of Complexity and Education (2009), 6(1), 28-33

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See detailProblemlösen.
Biesta, Gert UL

in Andresen, S.; Casale, R.; Gabriel, T. (Eds.) et al Handwörterbuch Erziehungswissenschaft (2009)

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See detailPragmatism's contribution to understanding learning-in-context.
Biesta, Gert UL

in R. Edwards; Biesta, Gert; M.Thorpe (Eds.) Rethinking contexts for teaching and learning: Communities,activities and networks. (2009)

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See detailThe art of democracy: Gallery education and young people’s democratic learning.
Biesta, Gert UL; Lawy, R.; McDonnell, J. et al

in Taylor, B. (Ed.) Inspiring learning in galleries: Research reports. (2008)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailEinleitung: George Herbert Mead und die Entwicklung einer sozialen Erziehungskonzeption.
Tröhler, Daniel UL; Biesta, Gert UL

in Mead, G. H. (Ed.) Philosophie der Erziehung. Herausgegeben und eingeleitet von Daniel Tröhler und Gert Biesta. (2008)

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See detail“Effective for What; Effective for Whom?” Two Questions SESI Should Not Ignore.
Bogotch, I.; Mirón, L.; Biesta, Gert UL

in Townsend, T. (Ed.) International Handbook of School Effectiveness and School Improvement. (2008)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailWider das Lernen. Die Wiedergewinnung einer Sprache für Erziehung im Zeitalter des Lernens.
Biesta, Gert UL

in Vierteljahresschrift für wissenschaftliche Pädagogik (2008), 84(2), 179-194

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See detailWhat kind of citizen? What kind of democracy? Citizenship education and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.
Biesta, Gert UL

in Scottish Educational Review (2008), 40(2), 38-52

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Peer Reviewed
See detailLearning from life in the learning economy: The role of narrative.
Biesta, Gert UL; Tedder, M.

in Whither adult education in the learning paradigm? [Proceedings of the 38th Annual Conference of Scutrea.] (2008)

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See detailA school for citizens: Civic learning and democratic action in the learning democracy
Biesta, Gert UL

in Lingard, B.; Nixon, J.; Ranson, S. (Eds.) Transforming learning in schools and communities. (2008)

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