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See detailComplexity theory and the politics of education.
Osberg, D. C.; Biesta, Gert UL

Book published by Sense Publishers (2010)

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See detailEditorial: Publishing in Studies in Philosophy and Education.
Biesta, Gert UL

in Studies in Philosophy and Education (2010), 29(1), 1-4

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See detailPragmatism and the philosophical foundations of mixed methods research.
Biesta, Gert UL

in Tashakkori, A.; Teddlie, C. (Eds.) Sage handbook of mixed methods in social and behavioral research. Second edition. (2010)

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See detailEducation in a global space: The framing of ‘education for citizenship’
Priestley, M.; Biesta, Gert UL; Mannion, G. et al

in Wiseley, T. L. K.; Barr, I. M.; Britton, A. (Eds.) et al Education in a global space. Research and practice in initial teacher education. (2010)

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See detailNaar een pedagogiek van de toekomst: ‘In de wereld komen’ en ‘uniciteit’
Biesta, Gert UL

in Brouwers, H.; Cappon, T. (Eds.) Kinderen zijn al burgers. Waar leren kinderen en jongeren actieve betrokkenheid en burgerschap? (2010)

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See detailD is for democracy: Critical education between inclusion and interruption
Biesta, Gert UL

in Ze’ev, I. Gur (Ed.) The possibility/impossibiloity of a new critical language in education. (2010)

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See detail“The most influential theory of the century.” Dewey, democratic education and the limits of pragmatism
Biesta, Gert UL

in Troehler, D.; Schlag, T.; Osterwalder, F. (Eds.) Pragmatism and Modernities (2010)

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See detailUsing forum theatre in organised youth soccer to positively influence antisocial and prosocial behaviour: a pilot study.
Rutten, E. A.; Biesta, Gert UL; Deković, M. et al

in Journal of Moral Education (2010), 39(1), 65-78

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See detailWhy ‘what works’ still won’t work. From evidence-based education to value-based education.
Biesta, Gert UL

in Studies in Philosophy and Education (2010), 29(5), 491-503

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See detailWitnessing deconstruction in education. Why quasi-transcendentalism matters
Biesta, Gert UL

in Ruitenberg, C. (Ed.) What do philosophers of education do? (And how do they do it?) (2010)

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See detailEducation after the death of the subject: Levinas and the pedagogy of interruption.
Biesta, Gert UL

in Leonardo, Z. (Ed.) The handbook of cultural politics and education. (2010)

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See detailTransitions in the lifecourse: The role of identity, agency and structure.
Ecclestone,K.; Biesta, Gert UL; Hughes,M.

in Ecclestone, K.; Biesta, Gert; Hughes, M (Eds.) Transitions and learning through the lifecourse (2010)

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See detailAn alternative future for European educational research.
Biesta, Gert UL

in Zeitschrift für Pädagogische Historiographie (2010), 16(1), 105-107

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See detailOn the weakness of education / Biesta, Gert
Biesta, Gert UL

in Philosophy of Education Yearbook (2010)

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See detailGood education in an age of measurement: Ethics, politics, democracy.
Biesta, Gert UL

Book published by Paradigm Publishers (2010)

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See detailA time for learning: Representations of time and the temporal dimensions of learning through the lifecourse.
Biesta, Gert UL; Field, J.; Tedder, M.

in Zeitschrift für Paedagogik (2010), 56(3), 317-327

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See detailTransitions and learning through the lifecourse
Ecclestone, K.; Biesta, Gert UL; Hughes, M.

Book published by Routledge (2010)

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See detailA new ‘logic’ of emancipation: The methodology of Jacques Ranciere.
Biesta, Gert UL

in Educational Theory (2010), 60(1), 39-59

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See detailHow to exist politically and learn from it: Hannah Arendt and the problem of democratic education.
Biesta, Gert UL

in Teachers College Record (2010), 112(2), 558-577

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