FNR Open Access Fund - Launch of First Call

Have an FNR (co)funded project that received a positive funding decision after 1 January 2017? Then familiarise yourself again with the FNR Policy on Open Access and its OPEN ACCESS FUND.

The programme provides financial support to reimburse fees that may arise from the publications of peer-reviewed research results in Open Access. The FNR just announced the first call for proposals with a deadline for applications of 30 June 2018.

An information session on Open Access and the FNR Open Access Fund will be organised to help with any doubts and questions (see FNR website for dates and details).

The ORBilu team would also like to highlight four points relevant when uploading in ORBIlu related to the FNR Policy on Open Access:

- DOI: for published work, always make sure you enter the DOI provided by the publisher. It is requested by the FNR and is also a legal requirement from publishers.

- 'Access types': the FNR mandates all peer-reviewed publications to be deposited on a suitable online repository (free, unrestricted access). Depositing in ORBilu will comply with the mandate only if 'Open access' or 'Open access with embargo' (depending on your publisher's restrictions) is chosen. Do NOT choose 'Limited access (UL staff)'. As always, check which 'Version' of the manuscript you are allowed to upload by consulting SHERPA/RoMEO.

When adding an FNR reference in ORBIlu you also have to tick the FNR field in step 2 and choose your official FnR project title or code from the dropdown list.

- ORCID: although acquiring an ORCID is encouraged by the FNR Guidelines (FAQ#27), connecting it to your ORBilu profile is unfortunately not yet possible.

- Datasets: the FNR Guidelines specify that "where datasets are linked to the publication, these should be made freely available for validation and reuse with as few restrictions as possible" (FAQ#17). In ORBilu, you may want to specify the URL in the 'Complementary URL'  field where the dataset can be found.  The ‘Public Comments’ field can be used to indicate the accessibility of the data.