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Peer Reviewed
See detailThe prediction of problem solving assessed via microworlds. The relative importance of fluid reasoning and working memory
Greiff, Samuel UL; Krkovic, Katarina; Hautamäki, Jarkko

in European Journal of Psychological Assessment (2016), 32

Detailed reference viewed: 44 (5 UL)
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Peer Reviewed
See detailAssessing Collaborative Behavior in Students - An Experiment-Based Assessment Approach
Krkovic, Katarina; Wüstenberg, Sascha UL; Greiff, Samuel UL

in European Journal of Psychological Assessment (2016), 32(1), 52-60

Detailed reference viewed: 78 (5 UL)
Peer Reviewed
See detailStudent gender impacts teachers' diagnostic competence
Mustafic, Maida UL; Krkovic, Katarina; Greiff, Samuel et al

Scientific Conference (2015, August)

Detailed reference viewed: 22 (1 UL)
See detailThe role of visual-spacial thinking in complex problem solving simulations
Krkovic, Katarina; Mustafic, Maida UL; Greiff, Samuel UL

Presentation (2015, April)

Detailed reference viewed: 41 (1 UL)
Peer Reviewed
See detailExplaining response confidence in Complex Problem Solving perfomance
Rudolph, Julia UL; Krkovic, Katarina; Niepel, Christoph UL et al

Scientific Conference (2015)

Detailed reference viewed: 58 (1 UL)