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See detailWie? Warum? Oder warum nicht? Mobilitätsfelder sowie Motivationen und Barrieren für Jugendmobilität in Europa
Hemming, Karen; Kmiotek-Meier, Emilia Alicja UL; Schlimbach, Tabea et al

in Forum Jugendarbeit International 2016–2018 (Internationale Jugendarbeit – Zugänge, Barrieren und Motive) (2019)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailStructural framework conditions and individual motivations for youth-mobility: A macro-micro level approach for different European country-types
Hemming, Karen; Schlimbach, Tabea; Tilmann, Frank et al

in Migration Letters (2019), 16(1), 45-59

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Peer Reviewed
See detailWhy is it so hard? And for whom? Obstacles in the intra-EU mobility: Mobility fields in comparison
Kmiotek-Meier, Emilia Alicja UL; Ardic, Tuba; Dabasi-Halász, Zsuzsanna et al

Scientific Conference (2018, March 08)

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